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Acid-Base Balance Tutorial

by "Grog" (Alan W. Grogono), Professor Emeritus, Tulane University Department of Anesthesiology

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Interactive Acid-Base Diagram: PCO2 vs. SBE

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Acid-Base Diagram"Pruning a rose or building a sandcastle might seem like common activities, but when you see them visualized on paper in wordless, step-by-step diagrams, you'll discover them anew." – About Wordless Diagrams by Nigel Holmes 2005.


Select the version you need from the index above: Examples, Test, Reports, or Teaching (Large).


Drag the Mouse to Your Chosen pH and PCO2. Typical Zones are red or blue. Gaps between Typical Zones appear gray.

Numerical Values: The boxes on the Right show the values for pH, PCO2, Standard Base Excess, and Bicarbonate.

Report. The text below the diagram provides a description assuming there are no complex problems.

Select the Scale by altering the Scale Number.

Select the Units US or Metric.

Teaching: Go to the large Teaching Diagram.

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Acid-Base Tutorial
Alan W. Grogono
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